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A large part of our success can be attributed to the relationships built with clients.

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Finding top tech talent is easier said than done. To hire a single high skilled developer, we have to go through at least a 1000 resumes on average. Recruitscale solved this pain point by providing us the top 1% tech talent for our final on-site interview


We needed to go live in 4 months and Recruitscale got me a team of App Developers and UI/UX Designers who delivered a great product for the Bahrain market within 4 months.

Amjad Puliyali

CO-FOUNDER, @GetBaqala


Milvik is a Swedish firm and didn't have local network in Bengaluru to source talent from. Recruitscale met our hiring expectations and iterated fast to give us a team of 4 top Java developers in 2 months.

Rohith Kumar

DIRECTOR of Engg. @Milvik


We wanted to focus on rolling out products, not hiring. We got a team of Product Manager, Front End Engg. & Full Stack Engg. with relevant exp. in Retail product development in 2 months.

Abhay Deshpande

FOUNDER, @Rapidue

What is RecruitScale

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    Who we are
    Engineers with experience in building large teams at successful startups. We leverage that expertise to assemble best teams
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    How we access
    Recruitscale Applicants are put through a stringent screening process involving live technical interview rounds & test projects
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    Our candidate quality
    Only 1% of the applicants make it to your on-site interview ensuring quality over quantity
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    Domain Expertise
    Find developers with expertise in technologies like Java, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, AngularJS, Android, iOS & Devops

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